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Retro Ornaments Felt Stocking
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  1. Materials
  2. Enlarge Image
  3. Freezer paper
  4. 1/3 yard of 36-inch wide wool or wool-blend felt: red
  5. 9x12-inch rectangle of wool or wool-blend felt: green
  6. Small piece of wool or wool-blend felt: white
  7. Embroidery floss (or No. 8 perle cotton): red, white, and green
  8. 1/4 inch-thick batting
  1. Instructions
  2. 1. Using a photocopier, enlarge the downloadable patterns onto white paper. Place the freezer paper shiny side down over the enlarged stocking, ornaments, and star patterns. Trace each the number of times indicated on pattern; cut out.
  3. 2. Using a hot, dry iron, press the freezer-paper shapes, shiny sides down, onto the felt as follows: stockings and ornament band on red, two ornaments on green, and star on white. Cut out the shapes and peel away the freezer paper.
  4. 3. Cut a 1×10-inch strip from remaining red felt for a hanging loop. Fold strip in half crosswise and pin ends to inside of stocking back, referring to the photo for placement.
  5. 4. Use two strands of floss (or one strand of perle cotton) for all stitching. Sew the red band to the center of the round green ornament, using red floss and running stitches along the top and bottom edges of the band.
  6. 5. Referring to the photo and using white floss and straight stitches, stitch a snowflake on large green ornament. Add a white French knot to both ends of each stitch.
  7. 6. Using green ornaments as patterns, place them atop the batting and cut around the shapes. Re-trim batting shapes so they are slightly smaller
  8. than the felt shapes.
  9. Note: Do not cut a batting shape for the star.
  10. 7. Referring to the photo, pin the ornaments over matching batting to the stocking; pin the white star to stocking. Attach the ornaments and star using running stitches and matching floss.
  11. 8. For ornament hangers, add long strings of white floss, couching each string in place. Referring to the photo and instructions for embroidering large green ornament, embroider four more snowflakes on stocking front.
  12. 9. Sew a hanging loop to back of stocking using red floss. Pin together the stocking front and back with wrong sides together. Using red floss and blanket stitches, sew around stocking, leaving the top edge open.
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